Trash Collection and Recycling

Trash Bin and Trash Bag

Each of the Chevy Chase municipalities contracts for trash collection and recycling services. Montgomery County does not service Section 3. As a result, we have household trash pickup twice a week instead of once a week! Tuesdays and Fridays are household trash pickup; Monday is for garden and yard waste; and Wednesday is recycling. Two trucks visit every house on recycling days.

Tuesdays and Fridays: Regular Household Trash Pickup (NEW as of 3-3-2020)

Our contractors pick up from the rear of the house or wherever you keep your trash cans but all trash must be placed in plastic bags, not loose. Trash can lids should be shut tightly. If you are missed, contact the village manager immediately, either via email or by phone (301-656-9117). If given enough notice, they will pick up the following day.

Mondays: Yard Waste Recycling

Yard waste is recycled and must be left curbside and placed in unlined trash cans or large brown paper bags. Branches should be no more than 4' in length and bundled in twine so that they can be easily thrown up into the truck. All yard waste is recycled and turned into mulch so be certain to exclude any plastic bags or pots. Leaf bags should weigh no more than 45 lbs so they can be hoisted into the truck and should not contain large amounts of soil or gravel.

Once a year, those who sign up are given 25 large leaf bags. We do not have curbside leaf collection because our streets are simply too narrow to allow for large piles of leaves. Should you use the services of a landscape contractor, please make it clear that debris should not be blown into the street and that leaves, grass clippings, etc., cannot be stored in plastic bags.

Wednesdays: Bottles, Cans and Glass, and Paper Recycling; Composting (New as of May 2020)

Please do not comingle paper/cardboard with your bottles, cans and glass recycling.  They are picked up separately. Use the collection bin provided by Compost Crew for your compostable items.

Paper: Recycling is picked up curbside. It's a good idea to leave out all recycling on Tuesday nights as they come early in the morning for pick-up. Every home is provided with a covered bin for all magazines, newspapers, old telephone books, boxes, etc. If you have excess paper (as in moving boxes or gift boxes), flatten them and wrap them in twine so that they can be thrown into the recycling truck.

Please make certain you don't include credit card offers or anything that might lead to identity theft in your paper recycling. Those items should be shredded and kept out of reach of potential criminals.

Plastic, Glass & Metal: Plastic, glass and metal items are picked up curbside from a blue bin provided to each household. Make sure to put your recycling out Tuesday nights as they come early in the morning.

If you need a new recycling bin for either paper or bottles/cans, contact the Village Manager and arrange to pick one up at her home.

If you have questions about what may be recycled and what may not, check the Montgomery County recycling website: click here.

Composting: Composting is one way to do your part for the environment and make productive use of food scraps, peels,coffee grounds, and much more, which are usually not given the chance to naturally decompose in landfills. For a comprehensive list of what can be composted, click here.

The Village has contracted with Compost Crew to offer simple, clean, and convenient composting services for residents which the Village will pay for.  However, you must sign up for the service and pay an initial $20 set-up fee by going to the Compost Crew Section 3 registration page.  The set-up fee includes a 5 gallon collection bin, the contents of which will be picked up curbside on Wednesdays.  For more information, check the Compost Crew FAQs.

Twice a year you will be eligible to receive free compost if desired.  Compost Crew will contact you directly about this.

First Wednesdays Bulk Trash: Curbside

Major household goods and other bulk trash are picked up curbside the first Wednesday of every month except January and February. Refrigerators must have the doors removed. Let the Village Manager know if you are planning on leaving out a refrigerator so she can notify our contractor. Bulk trash excludes toxic waste, firewood, partially full oil paint cans, tires, batteries and gas powered tools or propane canisters

Hazardous materials (paint, solvents, pesticides, lithium batteries, etc.) can be taken to the County Transfer Station out Route 355 near Shady Grove Road. For information on hazardous waste disposal, click here.

Other Options

If you have items that could be used by others who are less fortunate - don't throw them out, contact your favorite charity or the Village Manager who will steer you to possible recipients. A Wider Circle is a local charity helping formerly homeless families get on their feet. They collect gently used furniture and household goods, and allow families  who have just gotten new housing to select what they need for their new home and then moves them in with these items. Anything that could be used by a family setting up housekeeping all over again and is in good condition would better be recycled via A Wider Circle or other charity. Click here to visit their website.