Boundary Survey Requirement

For any proposed structure (including a fence) that is to be placed within two feet (2') of any Section 3 building or property line, the applicant must submit a boundary survey executed by a licensed Maryland surveyor within the past five years which shows the existing structures on the lot, the building restriction lines (setbacks) and the proposed improvements and their relationship to the restriction lines. The entire community was surveyed in 2009 such that there are monuments at every block corner and markers at the front property corners of each Section 3 property, so the cost of having a boundary survey done is reasonable. If a homeowner chooses to use the company that did the community-wide survey, he or she would only need to pay for the markers at the rear corners of his or her property, together with the aforementioned boundary survey showing the proposed improvements. Rules on boundary surveys are covered in Chapter 6-302 (e).