Moving In?

Narrow Road Sign

If you’re moving into Section 3, we’re delighted to have you join our wonderful community and would love to help make the moving in experience easier for you. Moving in may be a bit of a challenge on our 16’ wide streets (with parking on one side). The turning radius of our corners is very tight. Large moving trucks cannot turn corners in our community. Moving trucks that are 26’ or less can turn corners. If your mover has a larger truck, we will have to make arrangements for them to park on a wide street and then they will have to use a smaller shuttle truck to your new home. 

So before you hire a mover or sign a contract, talk to us! We’ll help you solve your move-in problem and we’ll even provide you with the much-needed no parking signs, but please don’t try and move in with a truck over 26’. Movers have been turned away before and whole moving days canceled because no one thought to check in advance.

Please contact the Village Manager at least a week in advance of your move to request No Parking signs for your moving van.

Once you've moved in, please take a moment to print out this New Neighbor Form, fill it out and send it in to the Village Manager at P.O. Box 15070, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 so we can contact you for Section 3 alerts via email and include you and your family in our next neighborhood directory.