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We have a non-profit pre-school in the neighborhood sponsored by the Chevy Chase United Methodist Church which serves children ages 3 through 5 for a half-day program. Children in the neighborhood all use the two playgrounds built for pre-school children after the school session is out. The Church also opens its doors to our Council for its monthly meetings and for many of our neighborhood activities.

Children attending public school are bused from our neighborhood to Silver Spring to Rosemary Hills Primary School for grades K-2. Once they reach the third grade (through fifth grade), they shift to a school in our neighborhood, just across Connecticut Avenue and Raymond Street on Rosemary Street: Chevy Chase Elementary School. From there they go to Silver Creek Middle School (grades 6 - 8) in Kensington and from there to Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School on East-West Highway in Bethesda.

There are also opportunities for children to attend both French and Spanish immersion schools beginning in the 4th grade as well as magnet schools.