Village History

Brookeville House - Black and White Photo

Our zip code says 20815, but in fact, within that zip code there are several “sections” of Chevy Chase, now independent municipalities.  The word “Section” refers to the original subdivisions or taxing districts formed in the early part of the 20th century. There are 282 lots in Section 3, the Chevy Chase United Methodist Church and its pre-school.

Section 3 was first subdivided into 65 lots in 1905 but the outlines for the community we know today took place in a later subdivision in 1907 which included some 192 lots. We were originally chartered in 1916 but did not become an incorporated municipality until June 20, 1982. Prior to that, we were a special taxing district of Montgomery County and we take our name from that original designation. Chevy Chase Village to our south is made up of "sections" 1, 1a and 2. The Town of Chevy Chase was originally "Section 4" and is still called that by old timers. Section 3 and Section 5 to our north have retained their historical names.

To see a map of our community, click on: "Section 3: Where Are We?"

The Section Description contains a diagram of the section and a cross-index of all the streets and addresses in Section 3 if you wish to confirm that your address is in Section 3.