Fences, Walls and Hedges

Fences can indeed make good neighbors, but only if you inform your adjoining property neighbors of your plans first - so please discuss your proposed fence's location and design with them. This notification is a requirement of the Section 3 application for building permit. Permits must be obtained from both Montgomery County and Section 3 as described in the aforementioned "Procedure for Obtaining a Building Permit." The only instance in which a permit is not required by the county is if one is repairing or replacing an existing fence which was originally installed with a building permit with the same kind of fence in the same location and at the same height.

Section 3 ordinances require that front yard fences (running along both the front and side property lines in front of the front house line) shall not exceed 48" in height. Section 3 ordinances require that rear yard fences (running along both the rear and side property lines behind the front house line) shall not exceed 72″ in height. Please note that while Montgomery County allows a 78″ high fence in this instance, Section 3 does not. Through lots and corner lots have two front yards for fencing as well as setback purposes which results in a different application of the fencing height rules. Corner lots also have the added restriction that fences cannot be higher than 36″ within 15' feet of the corner in each direction so as to provide an unobstructed view of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Walls, hedges or lines of shrubs must also comply with the same regulations. The rules are included in Chapter 6-305.