Procedure for Obtaining a Building Permit

It is a three-step process to be issued a Section 3 building permit:

  1. Obtain a letter of acknowledgement from Section 3 to Montgomery County.
  2. Obtain a Montgomery County building permit.
  3. Obtain a Section 3 building permit.

Montgomery County will not process your building permit application without first receiving our municipality's letter of acknowledgement. This is true for all municipalities in the county. In order to get such a letter, you will need to inform the Section 3 Building and Roads Representative of your proposed changes and submit a preliminary set of building plans (whether for an addition, a demolition, a fence, etc.). Section 3 will then issue a standard letter confirming our municipality's awareness of your plans. The letter of acknowledgement from Section 3 does not constitute permission to start your project; it is simply notification of your intent to pursue a county building permit.

Should your construction plans require a variance from Section 3, you will be informed of the variance procedure at this time. In special cases, and for good cause, if there are practical difficulties or undue hardship caused by strict compliance with Section 3's Code of Ordinances, residents may apply for a variance to be considered for approval by the Village Council. If this is the case, it is strongly suggested that you determine whether or not a variance is also required from Montgomery County.

Once you have completed the county's application procedure, met all of the county's zoning and building requirements and been issued a permit, you can apply for a Section 3 building permit.

Please note that if your construction plans require a Montgomery County building permit but not a Section 3 building permit, you will still need to get a letter of acknowledgement from Section 3 in order to obtain a county permit.