Snow Removal

Snow Removal Vehicle

We hire a contractor to come and plow our streets once the snow gets 2" or more.

If you park your car on the street normally and have space to put it in your driveway on snow days, that would be a great help to keep our streets well-plowed. So watch the weather forecast and park the car in your driveway on snow days please!

Senior citizens who ask for the service have the public sidewalk in front of their house shoveled for them, however they are expected to keep the walkways free of ice. We just help with the heavy lifting.

If you're not a senior citizen, then you are responsible for having your walk clear within 12 hours of a snow storm. If you have a problem, we have a number of able young people who would love to earn money shoveling walks and driveways, just give the Village Manager a call and she'll give you the names and numbers of interested neighborhood kids.