About the Village Council

The elected five-member Village Council is responsible for enforcing town ordinances including our building regulations. Council members serve two-year terms of office on a rotating basis. Elections are held the second Tuesday in May, at which time there is also an annual meeting for all residents.

As of May 2020, the current Council members are: Susan Manning, Chair; Bill Brownlee, Vice Chair; Tom Carroll, Treasurer; Ellie Nader, Secretary; Carolyn Greis, Building & Roads.

Anyone age 18 or older who is a resident of Section 3 is a qualified voter regardless of citizenship or ownership status. If your driver's license does not indicate that you are a resident of Section 3 and you wish to vote, you need only fill out a form printed in the newsletter prior to the election indicating your desire to vote in the town's elections. The deadline is usually a few weeks prior to the actual voting day. If you are a non-citizen resident, you need only fill out the form once as we keep your name on file as a registered voter.

The Village Council is responsible for maintaining the community in reasonable order and has jurisdiction over street, curb and sidewalk maintenance, snow removal and sanding of streets as needed, care of street trees on Village property, trash collection, street lighting, traffic and parking signs, etc.

If a variance is required, residents are advised to go through the Section's variance process prior to getting working drawings prepared and prior to applying for permits from the County (see Building Information). The Council votes on all variances on a case by case basis.