Gas Leaf Blowers

Good Neighbors

Dear neighbors:

The Section 3 Village Council has heard input from a number of residents who have expressed concerns regarding the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in our community.  A few have expressed concerns about the environmental impact of gas-powered leaf blowers (which some of our neighboring jurisdictions have moved to ban starting in 2022).  In response to the request for resident input in the April newsletter, we heard from quite a few neighbors who object to the noise created by these devices.  The noise levels can be particularly trying with many residents working from home and multiple lawn service companies often working simultaneously. 

During the April 14, 2021, meeting, the Council discussed the possibility of limiting the hours that these machines could be used.  The Council decided not to implement a regulatory solution out of concern that any such restrictions might both be impractical for some while not adequately addressing the noise concerns expressed by several residents. 

Instead, we hope to raise awareness of the problem and ask for a neighborly solution.  As a courtesy to your neighbors, we are asking all residents to voluntarily limit their use of gas-powered leaf blowers except once or twice a year for spring and fall cleanup. For those residents who use lawn service providers, we ask that you direct them not to use gas powered blowers as part of your weekly lawn service.  Right now their primary function is cosmetic. Having a few grass clippings on the sidewalk or a driveway is far less objectionable than the ubiquitous noise of gas-powered leaf blowers. We’re fine with a little quiet messiness, and hope you will be too.

The Council hopes that if we all follow this good neighbor behavior we can all continue to work from home in peace. And so we ask not only for your cooperation, but your help in making our neighborhood a quieter place to live and work. Thank you in advance for your help in asking this goal a reality.