NEW as of May 2020

Composting is one way to do your part for the environment and make productive use of food scraps, peels,coffee grounds, and much more, which are usually not given the chance to naturally decompose in landfills. For a comprehensive list of what can be composted, click here.

The Village has contracted with Compost Crew to offer simple, clean, and convenient composting services for residents which the Village will pay for.  However, you must sign up for the service and pay an initial $20 set-up fee by going to the Compost Crew Section 3 registration page.  The set-up fee includes a 5 gallon collection bin, the contents of which will be picked up curbside on Wednesdays.  For more information, check the Compost Crew FAQs.

Twice a year you will be eligible to receive free compost if desired.  Compost Crew will contact you directly about this.